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Armens Athletics

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Varsity Basketball 
Meet the Varsity Teams 
This year's Varsity Boys Basketball team has 12 players with 6 seniors, 2 juniors, 3 sophomores, and 1 freshman. This year’s seniors are Nico Yenikomshian, Johnny Douzdjian, Alec Kechichian, Shant Azain, Mark Samarghachian and Samarghachian. The junior’s are Andreas Celik and Sako Dzhmblyan. The sophomores are Johnny Momjian, Anthony Margossian, and Joey Titizian and finally, Troy Nalbandian is the only freshman on the team. This week, both teams face off during the Pasadena Poly Tournemnt!
The varsity girl’s team this year is made up of five seniors, 3 juniors, and 5 sophomores. The team’s seniors are Aiki Kassabian, Arek Aintablian, Nicollette Georges, Ariana Barsam, and Zella Sarkissian. The juniors are Nicole Assadurian, Talar Taslakian, and Alina Barsam. Lastly, the sophomores are Gianna Keklikian, Emily Shabani, Sarine Terterian, Gar Aintablian, and Sevana Kopalian. 

Basketball Stadium

 Varsity Soccer
The Boys Varsity Soccer Team begins their first season in CIF! Stay tuned for updates. 

Image by Travel Nomades
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