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Formal Interviews! 

Three of our club members, Aiki Kassabian (11th) and Kayla Tokatlian (11th), and Nico Yenikomshian interviewed some of the highschool students who attended the Winter Formal! 

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Student Feature: Juliette Hagobian

The Ferrahian Post takes pride in providing not only a platform for students to express their opinions but also a palce in which the notable accomplishments of our students are displayed and celebrated! One of the most well-accomplished members of the senior class is Juliette Hagobian. Juliette is currently a member of the varsity girls basketball team, the president of the Poetry Club, and an avid writer! In this interview, get to know more about Juliette, her accomplishments, and her overall Ferrahian experience! 

How has Ferrahian shaped your views on the world? 

My perception and view of the world have definitely changed because of Ferrahian. As I grew up in Ferrahian, there were certain parts of life I had to learn on my own. Whether that meant time management, responsibility, courage, quick thinking, or ways to reach out. I learned I need to seek out opportunities, like publications open for submissions or volunteer opportunities that fit my future career. I learned very quickly that these types of chances are ones that I need to seek out, and it is my responsibility to pursue them. Though Ferrahian gave me many opportunities to grow as a diligent student, I had to mature at a quicker pace if I wanted my career to sprout sooner. 

What do you hope to study at the university level, and why? 

I am hoping to pursue either psychology or English/creative writing at a university level. I am infatuated with the humanities, and I also love literature and writing. I am eager and hungry to evolve my knowledge in a college setting while surrounded by equal-minded students.

What do you do in your free time?

The idea of “free time” to me at the moment seems comical because of the plethora of responsibilities and activities I have. Still, when I do find time to relax, I am usually reading poetry books or working on outer projects. Outside of my schoolwork/life, I work for an online literary magazine, Kalopsia Literary. Most of my free time consists of reading and editing other poets’ works and giving them constructive criticism. I also read and write my own poetry in my free time. Finding the energy and time to do this is like finding a rare new species of birds, but my passion for them comes through and gives me the power to write. I read authors like Franny Choi, Richard Siken, Rhiannon McGavin, Sylvia Plath, and the usual Poetry Foundation ``Poem of the Day.” These writers inspire me to write my own poetry and edit them for submission. I’m also probably baking banana bread, dancing in my room like a mosquito, or playing Google solitaire on my computer.

Where did your passion for poetry and writing come from? 

I always thought that my name naturally gave me a passion for writing. The writing was and still is an act that is comforting and allowed me to express the thoughts that simmered below the surface. My passion for writing started in elementary school; my second-grade and fifth-grade English teachers Ms. Taline and Mrs. Guzelian made me mesmerized with English. I independently wrote stories and journal entries which probably resulted in three finished notebooks before graduating from elementary school. In middle school, I was introduced to the art of poetry, but my passion for poetry started in high school when I joined our school’s Poetry Club, which was led and founded by Sarkis Antonyan and Alicia Tufenkjian from the class of 2022. I filled the blank circle next to the “Poetry Club” option on the emailed google form out of impulse and intrigue; it was somehow calling my name like a mother does to her child. I was already familiar with the basics of poetry, but through the club, my perception and creativity were forever altered. I learned how to bend words and their definitions, how to write in forms like villanelles and ghazals, and how to look at the subject from different perspectives. Because of those Thursday meetings, I am now published, a part of an amazing literary magazine team, performing my pieces at live slam poetry events, and the current president of the Poetry Club.

What is your favorite Ferrahian memory? 

A large batch of my favorite Ferrahian memories have been made in Ms. Barseghyan’s room during lunchtime. I would grab my lunch from school and rush back up to her classroom to eat and chit-chat with my friends. I found her room to be a place of solace and comfort, where my expression was not questioned or seen as peculiar. I remember performing High School Musical songs to the other students in the room like I was Gabriella; becoming comfortable with reading my poetry during Poetry Club; scrambling to figure out the riddles of pre-calculus problems; and bonding over Timothee Chalamet and slam poetry videos. Every lunch hour in her room allowed me to make bonds with not only my classmates but upperclassmen whom I have befriended. Smiles and laughter were knitted into one another like a homemade blanket.

Where and what have you published your works? 

In 2022, I had three of my original poems published. The first two, “I am a pencil sharpener” and “summer in the flesh,” have been published in the online literary magazine Filter Coffee Zine. These poems focus on feminist subjects and how it feels to live as a woman or someone who identifies as a woman in today’s society. My third poem, “my letter to the missed Armenian ''  has been published on h-pem and was a winner of the International Armenian Literary Alliance’s Young Armenian Poet Awards of 2022. This poem discusses the Armenian genocide and the innocent lives lost along the way. This poem was inspired by a time when I, along with my AYF Camp mates, wrote a letter to the Armenian soldiers fighting for our motherland thousands of miles away from me. I am very grateful to have my pieces published, and I encourage every young writer to submit their works to online literary magazines too!

Links To Juliet's Publications: 

Ninth Grade Interviews

Two of our club members, Aiki Kassabian (11th) and Kayla Tokatlian (11th), interviewed the ninth graders on their high school experiences! 

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Alumni Feature: Sose Hovanissian

Ferrahian Alumni, Sose Hovanissian, is currently a freshman thriving at the University of Pennsylvania (UPENN). In addition to her studies, Sose has taken the role of an opinion columnist in The Daily Pennsylvania. In her recent article, "Penn students can, and should, swing the state," she expresses her opinions on Pennsylvania's political position! 


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Classroom Updates!

By: Lori Deirmenjian

9th Grade

Welcome class of 2028!

10th Grade

Stay tuned for updates! 

11th Grade

Stay tuned for updates! 

12th Grade 

The Seniors have officially graduated! Welcome class of 2024! 


By: Nicollette Georges and Grace Abbamontian




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Poetry Club

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Armenia Guided Forward

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Teacher Feature
By: Zella Sarkissian

Ms. Barseghyan has been teaching at Ferrahian for multiple years now. She is currently teaching 10th-grade English Literature, 11th-grade English Literature, and 11th-grade AP Language and Composition. She is also the advisor of numerous clubs, such as the Poetry Club and Journalism Club. In the first semester of her 10th and 11th grade English Literature classes, students read short stories from the textbook about various topics and had many discussions about the readings. During the second semester of the course, students read two novels.

From experience, I could confidently say that the readings are exciting, and the discussions and theories students come up with in class are even more interesting to listen to and debate. Along with the typical assignments that come with each reading, Ms. Barseghyan also assigns projects, encouraging students to think outside the box and be as creative as possible.
Additionally, in her AP Language and Composition class, students have been rhetorically analyzing advertisements and understanding the fundamentals of English writing. Throughout the year, we will continue learning how to make a compelling argument in preparation for the AP exam in May. Over the years, Ms. Barseghyan's classes have been filled with fun, laughter, and good memories, while still learning a lot. She loves her career and is always ready to challenge and push her students to their fullest potential. In her class, you feel cared about, and she makes it known that she believes you have what it takes to succeed. Every day students can look forward to learning new lessons that raise questions and curiosity within the class. She teaches with so much passion and enthusiasm that simply seeing her in a constant upbeat manner motivates her students to learn and excel. Her class has become a comfortable spot for many students on campus, and she has become a teacher that anyone can approach for advice, help, or to pass the time. Every class she teaches forms a unique dynamic and immediately clicks with one another. No two periods she teaches will ever have the same bond, and that's what's special about her class. In addition, classes form their own inside jokes that will carry on for years. From Julius Caesar reenactments, crazy 1984 theories, and long-lasting inside jokes about romances and bromances, the experiences you gain in Ms. Barseghyan's class are genuinely unforgettable, and she will leave a lasting impact on you for the rest of your life.

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